About Turathna

Throughout its great history, Egypt possessed a unique balance of crafts and handicrafts that crystallized the culture of this great people, shaped its identity and distinguished its personality.  Now, every governorate or city in Egypt possesses art and handicrafts passed on by heritage between grandparents and grandchildren. These rare arts and crafts, we encourage their makers, support the projects that are interested in them, offer our luxury products to Egyptians and the world and open for them wider prospects for expansion and development.  In order to preserve these important crafts from extinction, we encourage young people to learn and master these handicrafts and establish small enterprices that will provide them and others with job opportunities. The exhibition is an opportunity for people with fine taste and admirers of these handicrafts to get acquainted with the Egyptian innovation and possess masterpieces at competitive prices.


1- The aim of this exhibition is to revive the traditional crafts and assist the small handicraft manufacturers by opening the outlets to market their products in order to preserve and increase the technical labor in this field.
2 - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency is interested in the Egyptian handicrafts and handicrafts sector, because it is one of the most important sectors that can make a breakthrough in the Egyptian economy during a short period for several reasons, including:

  • Egypt enjoys a competitive advantage in Pharaonic, Islamic and Coptic artifacts,
  • This sector is a labor-intensive sector that can accommodate large numbers of young people, which leads to reduce the size of unemployment.
  • This sector does not require huge investments compared to other sectors such as heavy industries and others.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency sought to organize this exhibition annually to bring together hundreds of artisans and entrepreneurs engaged in such crafts and present to visitors thousands of distinguished artistic and heritage products representing all the governorates of Egypt. (Hand-made Kilim - Achim Furniture - Women Accessories - Copper Products - Glass Products - embroidery products - wood products - Tableau - Tents - Seashell - Lighting Units - Handmade Carpets - Ceramics - Furniture - Leather - Trays And Wood Works - Sinai products - wicker products ).